"Misha Collins, what an amazing addition to the show he is. We didn’t know that the angels were going to work. For all we knew, it was going to flame out in a big messy, bloody pile of poo. But Misha made the angel storyline work. He was so mysterious and so interesting, and you couldn’t take your eyes off him, and he could hold his own agaist the guys, and he brings such a nuance to that role."

- Eric Kripke

"When you’re doing lots and lots of episodes and you’re playing the same character, it’s great because you really get to know the character and it becomes a really fast style and you find subtleties in it"

- Misha Collins

How the fuck is Gerard Way 40?!

He looks 30ish at most.

Funny story time:Today i went to hot topic (surprise surprise) and Teenagers started playing and about half the people there (including me) froze and then started chanting the lyrics like we were part of some cult. It was such a spiritual experience. 


Anonymous asked:

could you please elaborate on how you think that jensen acts differently with misha versus jared? i've noticed that j2 act pretty douche-y sometimes when they're together. thanks for answering.

he-is-lightning-in-a-bottle answered:

Well, to start with, the Jensen that’s with Misha is a little more… open? He lets Misha cross boundaries that he doesn’t let Jared cross.





image To me, the difference isn’t necessarily because there’s something romantic between J & Misha, but because Misha brings out a side of Jensen that’s a little more self-secure and relaxed.

With Jared, the vibe is very dudebro, and Jensen does a lot of over compensating. He’s got his most masculine, heteronormative foot forward.


With Misha, the vibe is far more relaxed. He’s more willing to do things that might make the audience question his sexuality. For example, Jensen is willing to dance TOGETHER vs. just on the same stage, more willing to dance suggestively than just like a goofball.




Plus the kind of humor Jensen has with Jared is sometimes (only sometimes!) kinda douchey — generally by making fun of people and insulting their masculinity by calling them “girl” (if they identify as male), etc.

But when he’s with Misha, his humor is full of sexual innuendos (particularly on set, remember 9x06) and he seems okay insulting HIMSELF. He’s willing to laugh at himself around Misha, and I just don’t see that when he’s around Jared.

And finally, when Jensen is with Jared, their joint body language is towards the audience. They’re a team, a brotherhood, facing the audience down.


But with Misha, their body language is towards each other. They’re in their own little world, and Jensen can forget about the audience and just have fun.





ETA: I didn’t answer this as a Cockles vs J2 (romantic ship) post in body language because I already have a bunch of those.

I was assuming you were referring to a recent post of mine where I said I like the side of Jensen that we see when he’s around Misha better than the side we see when he’s around Jared.